Our Story

Nanny Rose is a Filipino brand established in 2010, headquartered in the province (North of Manila), the founder’s hometown. Being exposed to a laidback lifestyle close to nature, NR was born out of the engrained habit of using what is available for what is needed.

Well throughout the founder’s childhood, a normal day would be spent outdoors making bubbles from pounded gumamela flowers, playing make-up with lip stains enjoyed from mangosteen rinds, and sipping sweet nectar out of santan flowers. It was second nature to apply fresh aloe vera over burns or scratches and clean wounds with a decoction of guava leaves. As dusk settles, nature provides once more as torn up eucalyptus leaves shoo mosquitoes away.

It has always been this hyper-natural approach that has inspired the brand’s processes and techniques. Adding to this sensibility is the Filipino culture that is deeply rooted and diverse in its natural healing practices—the very source of our being warm and nurturing people. We at Nanny Rose have always held these time-tested natural solutions and heartfelt approach to caring in high esteem so much that it is at the heart and core of what we do.

Our Approach to Products

In our research and development, we meticulously craft recipes with this sensibility at heart. We believe that there’s a certain sweetness in being able to keep things simple, and unabashedly choosing to do so. To us, to simplify means to go back to basics—to use what is already available for what is needed. Our endeavor is to do that with the utmost care and concern. We tread lightly, almost reverently and meditatively, on tradition and weave in modern techniques to create products that uplift your days in the simplest way.

Through simple yet well-thought-out products, we hope to introduce a routine of pampering and self-care, which allows you to indulge in snippets of self-care even on your busiest days—weaving the ethos of NR onto your lifestyle.

Our products invite you to soak in the simple pleasures and intend to make seemingly mundane routines more enriching, more holistic, more authentic. We want you to give yourself a treat, to linger in the moments of comfort, and to give self-care the attention it deserves.

We want to make it easy for you to #sayYEStoYOU.