In the Nanny Rose HQ, we select ingredients that have the least amount of processing and prioritize those that can be used in their natural forms. We also make a conscious effort in sourcing locally whenever possible.

While we’re meticulous and uncompromising in our processes, we do not claim to be purists. We acknowledge and respect that a lot of ingredients used in skincare are in some way processed to make them functional. More often than not, a small amount of safe synthetics and preservatives need to be used to make products more stable as they make their way to you.

Alternatively, if you are keen on enjoying only the freshest of products— all-natural, no-additives, no-preservatives, no-waste, no-packaging, and totally homemade level of skin and personal care—then this section is for you!

On this page, we delightfully share #DIY recipes that have been tried and tested by us and our loved ones. These are simple recipes that you can do with your bare hands and can tweak based on your own liking. We find that tending to things by hand positively uplifts our mood and overall well-being, and we feel profoundly satisfied to be sharing these with you. The NR team genuinely hopes that you will enjoy both making and using these recipes! #SayYesToYOU

Ginger Oregano Tea

Ginger Oregano Tea

June 26 2020
Bringing out more of what we’ve been saving up “for the rainy days.” It seems apt to make good us...