Your Cup of Tea

This NR x RUNRVR bundle invites you to soak in the simple pleasure of tea-drinking. Celebrate the meticulous craftmanship poured into the making of these cups as you indulge in the slow and steady moments of your days.

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Aimed to eliminate single-use cups, RUNRVR cups are kneaded by the hands of our own local potters. You will find no other cup that is completely the same. The colors are from a distinct glaze that is crafted using age-old Filipino traditions. With care, your cup can last for generations as it was carefully kiln-fired to harden. The process is slow and meticulous. It takes many moons and a lot of sunshine to bring about an earthy texture like no other.

Hold your cup, sip slowly, and relish the unhurried moments of your days.

An ideal gift to give your nearest and dearest.

1 x RUNRVC Clay Cup with silicon lid and sleeve 12 oz/355 ml

1 x Nanny Rose Chamomile Tisane 30g

Your Cup of Tea
Your Cup of Tea